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Trading Mining

Trading Mining
  • All the trading-mining in progress, the more the trades are mined, the more BitInvest is obtained.
  • Trading-mining currently does not set a maximum daily mining limit.
  • Trading-mining will settle and pay the next day at 1.00am.

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What is Trading Mining ?

“trading-mining” is actually a personal transaction fee refund mechanism based on platform token. BitInvest's “trading-mining” is modeled after the allocation rules of bitcoin mining, and 80% of the platform BitInvest is used as a mining prize pool. “trading-mining” gradually unlocks BitInvest. Once 80% of BitInvest is fully returned, “mining” is automatically terminated.

In the implementation, BitInvest trading-mining 1.00am the next day for settlement and payment, the transaction fee generated by the individual will be converted into BitInvest for every hour.

BitInvest returns 80% of the fee income to the mining user. This game has made the foreign exchange market a great attraction in this field, which has enabled BitInvest to increase its trading volume in a short period of time to achieve global awareness.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Users involved in mining can only use their own account to apply for mining, and it is strictly forbidden to assist others to apply.
  2. Users involved in mining must use their own assets to participate in mining.
  3. BitInvest will have the final decision to deal with any interests and disputes.
  4. The final interpretation of this event belongs to BitInvest.
  5. BitInvest will treat all users with a fair and equitable attitude.
  6. Unconventional operations are prohibited by illegal means.
  7. Investment is risky, please be cautious.