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Lock Mining

Lock Mining
  • Any deposit of 100 dollars can participate in lock-mining.
  • Lock-mining can be selected for 3 months / 6 months / 12 months.
  • The longer the time, the greater the ability to mine and the more BitInvest.
  • Lock-mining currently sets the maximum daily mining amount to no more than 1,000,000 tokens.
  • Lock-mining will settle and pay the next day at 1.00am.

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What is Lock Mining ?

"Lock-mining" means putting assets to BitInvest and locking the position. It can also be traded during the period of BitInvest lock, and can't transfer, but can get the corresponding reward.

The simple logic is that users save their assets to BitInvest, which have a lock-up period of time. BitInvest grants users a certain reward based on the deposited assets. It is also possible to trade at the same time to attract new users and greatly increase the total transaction volume of BitInvest. Lock-mining can keep new and old users, and there are more gameplay extensions.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Users involved in mining can only use their own account to apply for mining, and it is strictly forbidden to assist others to apply.
  2. Users involved in mining must use their own assets to participate in mining.
  3. BitInvest will have the final decision to deal with any interests and disputes.
  4. The final interpretation of this event belongs to BitInvest.
  5. BitInvest will treat all users with a fair and equitable attitude.
  6. Unconventional operations are prohibited by illegal means.
  7. Investment is risky, please be cautious.