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Broker Mining

Broker Mining
  • All IB/MIB will also receive BitInvest as long as it is recommended. The more customers we introduce, the more we will mine.
  • All IB/MIB recommendations, whether direct customers or IB/MIB, are mining and will receive BitInvest.
  • The settlement mode will be settled and paid at 1.00am the next day.

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What is Broker Mining ?

The foreign exchange market has always been a huge trading market, with a daily trading volume of several trillion calculations. The BitInvest platform is also a legal foreign exchange company, registered in Vanuatu, in the southwestern Pacific. In accordance with laws and regulations, administrative regulations, the legal and compliant token is issued publicly. BitInvest in Asia also has a branch office in Hong Kong to serve members in Asia.

BitInvest applied for a fixed growth bonus mechanism. The BitInvest obtained on the BitInvest platform can be used to apply for a fixed growth mechanism. The fixed growth applied for will be 3, 4 or 5 times to enjoy the benefits generated by the BitInvest platform. Issued every Monday. At least 1000 times of BitInvest or 1000 multiple applications at a time, 30,000 willonecoin will be allocated 3 times the profit, 30,000 to 80,000 will receive 4 times the income, 80,000 to 100,000 will get 5 times income. BitInvest will broadcast 80% of the proceeds to the BitInvest fans participating in the rewards mechanism, and the remaining 20% will remain in the BitInvest development team and operational needs.

We are building a community. In the BitInvest community, BitInvest is distributed by financial platforms, including BitInvest, BitInvest binary options and other platforms. We will use BitInvest as a reward to our platform customers. Customers can use 3 ways to start, deposit 1000 BitInvest to start mining mode, deposit 100 dollars to dig more tokens and then trade to get more BitInvest.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Users involved in mining can only use their own account to apply for mining, and it is strictly forbidden to assist others to apply.
  2. Users involved in mining must use their own assets to participate in mining.
  3. BitInvest will have the final decision to deal with any interests and disputes.
  4. The final interpretation of this event belongs to BitInvest.
  5. BitInvest will treat all users with a fair and equitable attitude.
  6. Unconventional operations are prohibited by illegal means.
  7. Investment is risky, please be cautious.